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Eric Makes Everything Posts

Bedroom refinishing

At the end of last year we fixed some issues that had been bothering us in our bedroom. We stripped the popcorn off our bedroom ceiling, repainted everything, and replaced all the trim. This is the second room we have done this in now, and I didn’t initially intend to…

Solid bicycle tires are great

Last summer I blew out the tires on my road bike. They were kind of thin, and commonly punctured by the tack-shaped goat head thorns that we have everywhere in Loveland, CO. Fast forward to now, I am on the way to replacing all of my bicycle tires with solid tires, and I would recommend them to everyone. This post will cover what solid tires are and why they are awesome.

Window well covers

In the winter, the window well right next to my desk tends to fill with snow, and the area near the window where I work becomes unpleasantly cold. Our house had steel mesh window well covers to keep animals out, but this year I decided to replace them with clear…