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Pegboard accessory – Speaker Arm

Continuing on a roll of 3D-printing projects, I have always wanted some of those cool wall-mounted speakers in our garage so that I can listen to tunes while I work in there. It’s part of the mythical DIY/home-engineer garage ambience I’m trying to cultivate.

I happened to have a couple of desktop speakers that my dad gave me over 10 years ago, so I set about designing a pegboard shelf to hold them way up on the wall. After thinking about it for a while, I realized that the 3D-printing would waste less material and the part could have a stronger shape if I flipped it upside-down and hung the speaker from the bottom instead of sitting it on top.

The brackets have a slightly updated peg shape that is a bit more durable, but could still be improved. Printed at 0.2mm layer height with my Ender 3 printer, it’s a bit too easy to damage them when inserting them in the pegboard the first time.

If you would like to use the design, please check out my OnShape pegboard accessory project. The design is free and open, so feel free to use it however.