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Pegboards for home office

Pegboard is a great cheap way to add vertical storage to a lot of places, and I’ve been using it all over the place. My first post on this blog was about making a pegboard wall in my garage, and I had enough pieces left for a few more places. While pegboard is strong enough to hold heavy tools when it is anchored to a wall, it’s also good for office-sized stuff. My office is a small desk against a window in between two cabinets, so I 3D-printed some brackets to hang the pegboard from the cabinets, as well as a couple useful things to hang on them.


The hook-shaped hanger wraps around the crown molding and touches the back of it. I think this design should work with many cabinets as long as they fit this profile.

There are little foot pieces hooked in to the back of the sheet that stand the pegboard off of the cabinets. They have the same thickness as the back portion of the hangers, so the board hangs flat with enough clearance that pegs will not scratch the cabinets when they are inserted into the board.

Pen mug holder

I needed a place to store pens at my desk, but we also use pens for board games all the time, so I designed a pegboard-mounted mug holder so that we can pick up all the pens and carry them around. This holder is made of PLA, but if it was printed out of ABS I think it could hold a mug of hot coffee just fine. A lot of our mugs are the same size, so I will be printing off another one of these for pencils when one of our other mugs is damaged.

Game controller holder

I also play video games at my office desk, but I don’t have any full-size drawers to hide the controllers in, so I designed some hangers that fit almost all of my game controllers. Steam Controllers, Switch Pro controllers, and Xbox 360 controller clones (upside down) all fit well. I will have to come up with other designs for other types of controllers.

You can find these designs in my ongoing Onshape pegboard project. These files will be in a few designs on Thingiverse that you can find in my profile.