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Category: Software

Projects that require a significant software component.

TTRPG loot generator API

Treasure tables are a good way of either getting through writer’s block or coming up with interesting loot during a game without the need to lay out a whole region full of treasure, but the process of rolling on a loot table is sometimes too slow to do while playing. This is a first-draft REST API in C# built on ASP.NET MVC and MySQL that provides the tabletop role-playing game treasure table experience in a way that could be incorporated into a website.

Small Emacs config improvements

Two weeks ago I started a new job. It has been going very well, but I am now required to operate in a Windows environment while I am at work. I’ve tried to only run Windows sparingly in virtual machines for about 5 years, and moving from Linux-based OSes back…

pygtk-jsonview widget Modules

Recently, I have been giving some more thought to the TCG deck-editing program I started on last year. While I didn’t finish it at the time, I made some notes laying the groundwork for a more extensible framework that could be used across other projects. I don’t much like making…

Wiithon compatibility update

In the middle of softmodding my new/old Wii, I happily remembered that I don’t use Windows anymore.  Wii game backup is very effective when used with a filesystem called Wii Backup File System (WBFS) that was invented by a very smart and productive Wii hacker codenamed Waninkoko.  FAT32 filesystems have…