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TCG Deck Editor – Upkeepy

After getting back into Magic: The Gathering recently, I sought a way to create a deck using software.  I found several options, none of which were EXACTLY what I wanted.  Something always irritated me:

  • card filters too simple
  • card filters too complex
  • unable to bulk copy cards from one deck to another
  • card search takes too long
  • no private deck options available

All of this surprised me, since comprehensive MTG card databases are available.  What I was looking for was basically a database editor like Microsoft Access or OpenOffice Base to search for cards in one table and copy them into separate deck tables.  

I did some research and decided that it would be nice to have this functionality in a number of other circumstances, like editing controller-area network database files such as those used for automotive controllers. 

This will be my first project using GTK, and will be written in Python.  The first release is probably a ways off, since I have no doubt that learning PyGTK and fleshing out all the prerequisites will consume quite a lot of my time. 

The repository for this project can be found here: